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Male / August 15/ Bisexual / Single / Christian! ^3^

Okay, Now you've seen my stuff, now bug these guys.
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License Cards
FNaF License Card! by 1337wolfb0i
Gmod License Wolfb0i Style! by 1337wolfb0i
Minecraft License Card! by 1337wolfb0i
Very Detailed License Cards!
Fan Stamp/Hate Stamp
Female Toy Bonnie Stamp by 1337wolfb0i
PN Mickey Fan Stamp by 1337wolfb0i
Springtrap Fan Button by 1337wolfb0i
ONaF - The Owl Fan Stamp by 1337wolfb0i
FNAF YAOI and YURI Stamp by 1337wolfb0i
FNAF Art Stamp by 1337wolfb0i
You can request me to make any Fan/Hate Stamp you want me to make!
Minecraft Profile
Proile for MosesDoesMC by 1337wolfb0i
Minecraft Profile Picture for YouTube or other stuff with simple shading.
Minecraft Full Body
Skylord_Kittehz Minecraft Drawing FINISHED! by 1337wolfb0i
A full body minecraft character with simple shading.
Extra Detail Pixel Art!
Photo Negative Mickey 50x50 Gif by 1337wolfb0i
Explain what you want me to do with your pixel art! The more details, the better!
Blinking Pixel Art!
Creeperchild Pony 50x50 Gif by 1337wolfb0i
Wolfb0i 50x50 Gif by 1337wolfb0i
Realistic Wolfb0i 50x50 Gif by 1337wolfb0i
You can ask me to do a blinking Pixel art of Anything! And I will get it done ASAP!


How to Upgrade the Lightning Staff by 1337wolfb0i
How to Upgrade the Lightning Staff
I have suddenly gotten into the Origins Kick. I have actually only completed the "Little Lost Girl" Easter Egg once with other awesome people, and once by myself!
I went into theater mode, and rendered the video and it was private to my channel. I downloaded it, and I added text to it.
 So in this order for the Staff you need to shoot the staff in order on this sort of piano key. 
Then after that, you have to turn switches until they stop sparking.
  • Right next to Generator 5 (has to be turned three times so it points down)
  • Basement of church, next to the torch with the number 3 (has to be turned two times so it points to the right)
  • Upstairs of church, next to the repairable window (has to be turned once so it points up)
  • Next to Wind tunnel, behind and to the left of its entrance (has to be turned two times so it points up)
  • Spawn room, at the stairs (has to be turned twice so it points to the left)
  • Tank station, next to the back door (has to be turned three times so it points down)
  • Behind Excavation Site next to the way to church (has to be turned three times so it points up)

Weird how I made this story in my sleep.

Although the movie never portrays them as a couple, there is one part at the end which

stood out to me. “You know you love me, right?” “Do I know that? Yes.” (Tears of Joy)

I honestly tried to make to make this as enjoyable as possible. Weird how these kind of things pop into your head right when you are about to sleep, now let’s stop listening to my commentary, and enjoy this thing I call a story.

It was a big day, Judy Hopps, and her New Partner, Nick Wilde had just solved a big case for the ZPD, and Nick had asked if he could sleep over at Judy’s house, he’d had a huge crush on her these past few days, and couldn’t shake his involuntary obsessions. Nick finally gathered up his courage to ask Judy if he could stay at her place for the night.

Thanks for letting me stay over.” “No problem, Nick. Also, I got some carrots in the fridge if you’re interested, Newbie.” Judy smiled as Nick laughed to himself. “Sorry that I don’t have another bed, so we’ll have to sleep in the same bed.” Nick’s heart skipped a beat. “Thanks, Judy.” Nick tried his best to play it smooth and tried to brush it off in the best way he could. Judy hopped into bed and Nick followed after taking his shirt off. Nick climbed into bed and Judy let out a huge sigh before looking the other way and purred slightly. Nick looked over at Judy with a smile on his face and then went to sleep.

But was awoken suddenly. “Nick! Nick! Wake up!” Judy said, shaking him. “W-What is it, Carrots?” Nick exclaimed groggily, yawning slightly. Judy pointed to Nick’s pillow, slathered in saliva. “Why were you drooling on my pillow?”    Judy cocked her head, miffed in the slightest. Nick tried to think of an excuse, suddenly remembering that Judy would not be pleased if she found out about his crush on her, he tried to thing up an excuse, but Judy interrupted his thoughts, snapping her fingers at him. (Is it possible for rabbits to snap their fingers? But I digress.) “Nick, Please don’t lie. What’s going on?” “W-Well, maybe it’s because I’m hungry...” Nick stammered. “Nick, you ate like 3 fish earlier today, and even if you were hungry now, you wouldn’t have been THAT hungry to drool on the pillow.”    Judy glowered at him. What seemed like a minute passed and then Judy opened her eyes wide. “Were you... Dreaming about me?” Nick started sweating and then let out a huge sigh. “You got me, Judy. I was... As you guessed, dreaming about you. This is been happening for a while.” “Would you mind elaborating?”    Judy turned her head back to Nick and crawled towards him. Nick sighed, he knew this would happen eventually. But he just needed time until he wanted to talk to her about how he felt about her over the weeks. “I dream of us being... More than just friends. Like actual partners.” Judy’s ears drooped down. “Well, what’s wrong with that?” Nick sighed once more and let his head down. “Well, I’m a predator, and you’re prey, that’s what’s wrong. It doesn’t work that way. Not to mention that we are different species. And you would definitely find that kind of creepy, and I don’t blame you.” Judy looked down, and then grabbed Nick snout and pulled it towards her. “There is nothing wrong with liking someone, even if they are the opposite, and you remember that.” Judy stared at him for a while. “I’ll get away from your face now.” Judy said slowly realizing that her face was close to Nick’s snout. “Right...” Nick said laying back down. Judy leaned over to the other side towards him. Judy sighed. “It’s okay, I kinda had thoughts about the same thing.” She smiled, and turned over to him.    “Turn over and close your eyes.” Judy requested, a soft tone in her voice. Nick nodded obediently, unaware what was about to happen. Judy grabbed Nick’s shoulders and leaned in slowly towards him. Nick pulled Judy towards him and then begun to lock lips. Nick sighed softly though surprised as the pace slowly began to sped up, as if their tongues were wrestling.  “Mmph... Imagine, that it was just last week when I said you weren’t a real cop, and that you were just a wimp...”  Nick laughed, slightly muffled by Judy’s lips. Judy laughed a little bit. “They said a Predator and a Prey couldn’t get together.. We must be breaking the rules... Kind of ironic, right?”   “Who cares...” Nick said, too occupied with his activity, almost hypnotized, in fact. Breaking out of his trance, Judy pulled her lips away. Nick sighed, disappointed. “Frustrated, Newbie?” Judy laughed, she smiled and lay on top of Nick just centimeters away from Nicks face. “You have the right to remain beautiful.” Judy whispered softly in his ear before nuzzling his belly cozily. “Heh.. I love you too, Carrots.”    Judy opened her eyes once more, “Good night, Nick... You know, Maybe this will work out.. Maybe everyone will be okay with this.” She smiled for the final time before falling asleep in unison with her new life partner.

So, Did you like it? All the feedback would be appreciated.

Hey guys, It's me, Isaac. I wanted to come back with a message. After all this time, I haven't uploaded a video to Youtube nor anything to DeviantArt for quite some time. And I wonder why that is. Is it Just Plain Laziness? Am I just very busy? Summer has started and i'm pretty sure barely anyone is happy with this. I used to be quite an active guy, And now it's been a whopping 3 MONTHS since I have uploaded to Youtube. So, just a message for anyone concerned for my well being. I am alive, I am well, but I don't know about if I'm being smart. So... Yeah, I'm also deleting embarrassing images so that way those won't haunt me later in life, so I guess I'll see you later.


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